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    Jean-Baptiste Lescudé
    Length 250 cm Width 180 cm
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    When designer Jean-Baptiste created the dotted pattern Persephone on tablecloths and napkins, the idea was to evoke the world of plants, which is so characteristic of Josef Frank’s work. The pattern depicts the floral biodiversity of the season, with petals, buds, leaves and seeds in an abstract way. The print is named Persephone after the Greek goddess associated with the return of spring.

    The textile is printed by hand by a small, family-owned company in Jaipur, India. The design block is cut out of a timber block and then dipped in dye and pressed against the fabric like a stamp. Woodblock printing is an art form; a method of production which requires enormous precision and craftsmanship.


    Jean-Baptiste Lescudé

    Jean-Baptiste Lescudé

    Jean-Baptiste Lescudé is a French architect, born in Pau in 1993. After studying Civil Engineering at the University of Bordeaux, he obtained a master’s degree in architecture at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. He previously worked as an urban planner at the multidisciplinary studio l’AUC in Paris, and opened his own furniture, architecture and urban design practice in 2021. Read more

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    Svenskt Tenn’s textile products such as cushions, place mats, napkins, pot holders and aprons can be machine washed in 40 degrees Celsius. Avoid colder temperatures as the colour can fade. Do not spin dry on a vigorous cycle. Can shrink 3-5%.

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Tablecloth Persephone Length 250 cm Width 180 cm, Cotton, Persephone, Blue

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