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Greetings from Margherita at Svenskt Tenn

A postcard from Italy: Margherita Maccapani Missoni curates this year’s summer exhibition at Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn has invited Italian designer and entrepreneur Margherita Maccapani Missoni to curate the summer exhibition 2023, for her distinctive way of placing Josef Frank's design in unexpected and playful contexts. Greetings from Margherita, which opens at Svenskt Tenn's iconic Stockholm store on 1 June, has been built in the form of a large picnic, working with Maccapani Missoni's personal take on contemporary 'italianness.'

- I've been an avid Svenskt Tenn customer for a long time and enjoy decorating my home with Josef Frank's furniture and patterns. My aim with the exhibition is to create a lesser seen version of the Svenskt Tenn universe, by incorporating my take on contemporary 'italianness', and the characteristic Italian philosophy of being outside in conviviality, says Margherita Maccapani Missoni.

The exhibition, Greetings from Margherita, has progressed from the idea of a large garden picnic, coming to life through a series of Margherita Maccapani Missoni's table setting favourites. Multiple set tables in diverse designs are in focus, creating a personal, social, and eclectic atmosphere in the gallery space. Numerous Josef Frank patterns have been used, including Italian Dinner, Catleya, Stripes, Posions, and Vegetable Tree; seen on both table linen, upholstered furniture, and parasols, the latter which have been custom-made for the occasion.

- With Greetings from Margherita, we've worked with the vision to create an outdoor atmosphere within the walls of Svenskt Tenn. The focus has been on moving Josef Frank's bold patterns and selected furniture designs out into an imagined garden, with set tables at the centre, comments Karin Södergren, Head Curator at Svenskt Tenn.

A smaller range of special edition Svenskt Tenn products, designed by Margherita Maccapani Missoni, is introduced with the exhibition, including heart-shaped cushions with Josef Frank's patterns Mirakel, Barranquilla, and Dixieland, two trays featuring postcard- like motifs, and a plate and assiette produced in Italy exclusively for Svenskt Tenn. The postcard returns as a theme throughout the project, also making an appearance as a wallpaper in the exhibition. Incorporating her unique eye for rare objects and present-day design, Maccapani Missoni has engaged artisans and small businesses to create limited edition products, merging local, mainly Italian, design with the heritage craftsmanship of Svenskt Tenn.

Lastly, Greetings from Margherita acts as a personal homage by Maccapani Missoni to Estrid Ericson, who founded Svenskt Tenn in 1924 and was well-known for her creative ways of setting a table and curating the store. Ericson started the company at 30 years old and over time transformed what began as a small pewter workshop into an internationally renowned design institution.

- I've found many affinities in Estrid Ericson. To me, she was an avantgarde woman and inspiring entrepreneur who early on thought outside the box and did things in her own way, with high integrity, Maccapani Missoni concludes.
The exhibition Greetings from Margherita is open from 1 June to 27 August in Svenskt Tenn's store on Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm. The special edition Svenskt Tenn products will be available to purchase globally online, in a limited edition. Selected products from external producers will only be available to purchase in the exhibition.

About Svenskt Tenn
Svenskt Tenn is an interior design company with a store at Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm, online shop, B2B and Interior Atelier services. Since 1975, the company is owned by the Kjell and Märta Beijer foundation, with surplus from Svenskt Tenn going to support research within ecological economics, medicine, and environmental conservation, as well as the preservation of Swedish interior design.

About Margherita Maccapani Missoni
Margherita Maccapani Missoni is the granddaughter of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, who in 1953 founded the company that became world famous for its iconic, colourful zigzag patterns. Margherita herself worked as a designer at the company and is well known for the several projects that reflect her personal and eclectic style - spanning from acting to interior design and her latest entrepreneurial venture, Maccapani.

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Easter 2023 at Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn celebrates Easter with flower ornaments and Josef Frank’s California

Spring has sprung at Svenskt Tenn with the introduction of this year’s Easter collection, Spira. In focus stands design by Sofia Vusir Jansson, whose hand-painted glass eggs and sheer paper flowers are presented alongside a series of new products in Svenskt Tenn’s table setting range.

Sofia Vusir Jansson works broadly with commissions in photography, scenography, interior design and writing. Her creations take off in an imaginary world, with the objective that her work should be perceived as both organic and real. For Svenskt Tenn, Vusir Jansson has designed a series of hand-painted glass eggs and paper flowers, folded by Sofia herself.

- The Spira collection reflects how I see Easter. A playful holiday that is a bit crazy and colourful, but also simple and undemanding. It’s an atmosphere that can be created with just a few means, says Sofia Vusir Jansson.

The glass eggs, hand-painted in Germany, carry different floral motifs inspired by the bouquets and imaginative shapes in folk art, in a colorway inspired by Josef Frank’s California pattern. California is one of the patterns designed by Josef Frank during his time in New York (Frank lived in New York 1941-1946), occasionally seen as his ‘floral poster’ pattern. Altogether, Josef Frank has drawn twenty different (named) summer flowers, including cress, sweet pea, pansy, dahlia, and petunia, held together by a winding flowerbed.

- I love the fact that California is a sort of wildflower poster in textile. I’m very fond of such posters in general and often use them when I create my paper flowers. The fact that the pattern includes all my favorite flowers, which can also be found in my own garden, makes me feel very much at home, Sofia comments.

Alongside the design by Sofia Vusir Jansson, Svenskt Tenn also launches a series of table setting news, including napkin rings in straw, napkins in Svenskt Tenn linen in a new design, as well as returning classics in Josef Frank’s California pattern. This year’s Easter collection Spira launches online and in store (Strandvägen 5, Stockholm) on February 23.

- Easter has always been important at Svenskt Tenn. Estrid Ericson, the founder of Svenskt Tenn, was an expert on table setting. Visiting the store around Easter or Christmas during her many years at the company has been described as entering a magical world, filled with inspiration and holiday spirit – a tradition we are continuing with at Svenskt Tenn today, concludes Tora Grape, Marketing Manager at Svenskt Tenn.

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