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Decorate with candlesticks & candle holders

Svenskt Tenn's range includes beautiful candlesticks and tea light candle holders as well as accessories such as candle snuffers, candle rings, hand-dipped taper candles and antique candles. In addition to designs by Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson the range also includes classic candlesticks created by fine blacksmiths, designers and sculptors such as Sigurd Persson, Björn Trägårdh and Edvin Öhrström.

The candlesticks as well as the candle holders are available in traditional and contemporary design. A classic brass candlestick or a pewter candlestick that fits beautifully in the dining room, bedroom, on the coffee table or on the dinner table. Design that complements and elevates furnishings as well as interiors.

Manufacturing of a candle holder

Today, many of Svenskt Tenn’s candlesticks and most advanced pewter and brass products are produced at the family-owned metal workshop Humstorp in Västergötland in Sweden. Josef Frank’s iconic Knot of Friendship candelabra, which is suitable for all special occasions, from baptisms to weddings to birthdays and graduation time, is among the products that are made here. This candelabra was designed in 1938, a year before the outbreak of the Second World War, as a symbol of friendship and peace in a time when Europe was filled with turmoil. Its symbolism is timeless and every bit as beautiful today as when it first appeared.

Decorate the dinner table with a high candlestick

The tall Globe, Clover and Bamboo candlesticks all have a long history at Svenskt Tenn as the company’s founder, Estrid Ericson, loved to create decorative table settings with candlesticks. Lighting at the dinner table was something that she was particularly fond of, and in a 1951 radio talk she imparted some main rules for increased wellbeing: “The light should be high enough so as not to shine from below and cast an unflattering light. The flowers should be so low, that you can see the person across the table unhindered.”

A perfect gift

Svenskt Tenn's decorative accessories are available in different sizes and at different price ranges. The candlesticks in the range often carry a beautiful story, and they are among the most appreciated gifts in the range, regardless of the occasion. If you want, they can also be combined with hand-dipped candles and other accessories such as candle snuffers, candle rings or pewter matchboxes.

Increase the feeling of wellbeing

Lighting and lit candles increase the feeling of wellbeing and comfort all year round. During autumn and winter, we spend a lot of time indoors, filling our home with objects that convey warmth and cosiness. During spring and summer, we sit outside in the evenings when the weather allows, and when the sun is setting, we light candles and lanterns around us. At Svenskt Tenn you can find many decorative accessories that create a cosy feeling at home during all seasons of the year.