The decorative table cloth weight in white lacquered brass was designed by Svenskt Tenn's founder Estrid Ericson in 1952. She named them “cloth tassels”, and in a newspaper clipping from this area we can find these written words: “No clips need to abuse the table cloth this year, when it is soon time to set the table on the balcony or in the garden. With “cloth tassles” like these in all four corners, the table cloth will surely not blow away.”

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All of Svenskt Tenn’s trays are FSC-certified and manufactured at Åry Trays in Nybro, Sweden. Each tray passes through five different stations during the production process: print, service, pressing, milling and polishing, as well as inspection and packaging. A major challenge in the work lies in obtaining a print result which is as close to the textile pattern as possible in both details and colour shades.

The colour shades in Svenskt Tenn's glasses in the Bris collection also requires a special craft. The glasses are hand-blown in a wooden form and dyed in a crucible. They have a thin, ridged design and a light which brings to mind a soft, summer breeze.

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