Easter at Svenskt Tenn

A light, colourful, and inspiring collection deeply rooted in nature. Easter 2024 at Svenskt Tenn is a celebration of spring – from seed and sowing to flowers and bouquets.

The name Between Scilla and Forget-me-not is taken from the Swedish expression “between bird cherry and lilac. It originates from the story about a cobbler who closed his business during that lovely time of the year when bird cherry and lilac bloom. In many ways, it sums up the feeling we aim to achieve for Easter 2024 at Svenskt Tenn – to pause and take the time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Here, we have gathered all the inspiration you need for the spring holiday season when it comes to decorations, flowers, and tips for how to set your Easter table.

Easter decorations by Svenskt Tenn

Easter table setting with a floral theme

Create an inviting Easter table setting with plants, flowers, and foliage. This year, we mix beautiful tulip-shaped wine glasses, green plates, and Josef Frank's Flora placemats with spring flowers in vases and glasses. Each napkin is adorned with its own little flower, as a way to welcome each guest to the table.

This year, we aim for simplicity in the Easter table setting. No extravagant colours and patterns, just a few carefully selected details and table decorations that bring the beauty of nature and spring to the table. The new linen placemats in the Flora series take centre stage, in a pattern designed by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn in 1950. The six different floral motifs have been drawn specifically for these placemats, and feature flowers such as columbine, bluebells, daisies, crane’s-bill, bulbous buttercups, and dactylorhiza maculata. These placemats not only serve as table protection, but also bring a decorative element that adds colour and life to your table setting.

Lily of the Valley in two ways. We arrange small bouquets of Lily of the Valley in the classic Ekollonvasen (Acorn vase), designed by Estrid Ericson in the 1930s. The beloved spring flower is also represented in the small glass table decorations.


The Vivianne carafe, designed by Linnéa Hedenus, is inspired by cherished childhood memories of a vibrant grandmother with a penchant for glass in distinctive hues and shapes. Her finest glassware consistently adorned the table, be it a regular weekday or a festive occasion, and the Vivianne carafe encapsulates the same versatility.

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Braided ceramic bowl, crafted by Maison Pichon’s exceptional ceramists. Discover the new green and yellow colours in this year’s spring collection.


The pattern Mille Fleur (Thousand Flowers), designed by Josef Frank in the 1940s, depicts a sea of flowers, as the name suggests. For Easter 2024 at Svenskt Tenn, several decorations and table items have been launched in Mille Fleur, including egg warmers for the Easter table.

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Another addition to this year's Easter collection is the plate from the hand-painted porcelain series Oriente Italiano by Ginori, whose motif evokes thoughts of a lush garden.

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Easter decorations by Svenskt Tenn

Easter Branches in Spring Colours

Create a beautiful and colourful arrangement for Easter with cherry branches or forsythia adorned with Easter decorations, such as small, yellow glass flowers and the hand-painted “Frö” (Seed) glass eggs. The daffodil, or narcissus, is a beloved spring flower, that has been transformed here into a beautiful glass pendant to hang on the branches.


The mouth-blown and hand-painted Frö (Seed) glass eggs transform the Easter branches into a vibrant floral arrangement to feast your eyes on. The small dots, resembling seed pods, are in a variety of beautiful colours inspired by Josef Frank’s Flora placemats.

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Sowing a seed, planting a tree, breaking off a rose, picking an apple, waking up early, squinting at the sun and being able to say: Good morning, life! – that’s living!

– Estrid Ericson


Easter decorations by Svenskt Tenn

From Seed to Flora

Seeds are a recurring theme in this year's Easter collection, not only in the glass eggs for the Easter branches but also in the new cultivation collections by New Botanic. These collections are carefully selected to complement various vases and pots from Svenskt Tenn, awakening the joy of cultivating while beautifying the home. The packages and seed pouches contain flower seeds inspired by Josef Frank's imaginative flora, Estrid Ericson's summer house Tolvekarna, and her beloved kitchen garden. They include everything you need to get your hands in the soil and get started on successful cultivating: seeds, accessories, as well as guidance and instructions.

Flora ur Fantasi

Colourful bouquets for large vases. Designer Josef Frank is well known for his botanical prints. He was fascinated by botany and composed his very own flora, where real flower species coexisted with flowers sprung from his imagination. In this collection, inspired by Josef Frank's world of flowers, the deep blue spires of the delphinium, the golden yellow globes of the sunflower and the lime green tassels of the amaranth harmonise with dahlia and zinnia in shades of coral. The Flora ur Fantasi (Fantasy Flora) growing kit turns into big, colourful bouquets suitable for large vases like Dagg (Dew) and Profilvasen (the Profile vase) in Svenskt Tenn's range.

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I have my plot of land. It is mine all the way down to the centre of the Earth. There grows hundred-year-old oaks, blackthorns, and hawthorns, Adam and Eve. /…/ A rose garden blooms there in which every blossom is an individual dream, full of poetry. A kitchen garden blooms there. /…/

– Estrid Ericson

Bland ekar, slån och vildtörne

Delicate wildflowers for smaller vases. Bland ekar, slån och vildtörne (Among oaks, blackthorns, and hawthorns) is a growing kit inspired by Estrid Ericson's summer house, Tolvekarna. Soft yellow snapdragons, ornate ammi and pink scabiosa grow here alongside the bright blue nigella and sweet chamomile. The collection turns into small, low bouquets, composed in accordance with Estrid Ericson’s thinking that floral arrangements should be low enough for guests to have an unobstructed view of each other. Just as Estrid Ericson envisioned it. These bouquets fit smaller vases like the Pip (Pipe) vase, Ekollon (Acorn) vase, or the Pion (Peony) vase from Svenskt Tenn.

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Där blommar en köksträdgård

Vegetables and herbs to cultivate indoors in small and large pots. The cucumber's leaves form a meandering green curtain, and the small tomatoes glisten like red pearls in the kitchen window. The delicious herbs add scent, taste, and life to your home. Each flower is an individual being filled with poetry, as Estrid Ericson once wrote. With this kit, that includes cucumber, tomato, purple basil, mint and salvia, you can create your own flourishing indoor kitchen garden, and enjoy its tasty greenery all year round. The bushy basil looks beautiful in Svenskt Tenn's classic Hortus pot, while smaller herbs can be planted directly in the Tolvekarna pot.

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