Manufacturing process

When Vänskapsknuten takes its form, the manufacturing process begins with the brass rods. These are supplied in lengths of four meters and therefore need to be sawn, drilled and threaded. They are then polished before they are bent to the correct shape.

The finished branches are attached to the centre by silver soldering, before the whole candlestick is polished; a work performed by three people at once. The candlestick is then hand polished to access all angles.

In parallel with this work, other details are manufactured. The rings around the candle holders are punched out with a tool in two steps before being polished. The candle holders are cut out of tubes and soldered together with a plate at the bottom.

Then it is time for polishing and quality inspection. When all details are approved, the candle holder is assembled and packaged. During the production process, the entire company is involved in various steps, which means that a total of eight people are involved.